Play Smash Ball 3D Unblocked online


This is the game where you will have to break everything. In fact, the task is connected with breaking the balls. You should define the right color to break. The pyramid on the gaming field is varicolored. You should choose the color that prevails. Other colors are dangerous for the gamer. They will lead to the failure.

Smash Ball 3D is performed in a 3D mode, so the animation looks quite exciting. You see the spinning blocks and a nice ball that is breaking them. Holding the left button on the mouse will allow you to break a certain number of balls. The longer you hold the button, the more blocks you will break.

You should be careful in Smash Ball 3D. If you choose the wrong color to break, there is a big chance to lose just at the very beginning of the game. If you see a lot of blocks of one color, it means that they should be broken. The task is to destroy them all to reach the final point.

You don’t need to have special skills for playing the game. It requires only a good reaction from the gamer. The quicker you will react, the more blocks you will break with a limited period of time. Though, time is not so important in the game, it will be pleasant to break the blocks as soon as possible. Reaching finish line means that you will win.

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