Play Slope 2 Unblocked online


In comparison with the previous part of the game, this one looks more progressive. It has black and yellow colors that are more pleasant for gamers. The main idea of the game is still the same to move the ball on the path as far as possible. The aim is the only one – hold it and try not to drop it.

In general, Slope 2 inside the game is represented as a financial center with skyscrapers and paths among them. You need to run the ball along the path until it falls down. The situation of managing the ball can become more complex as there are obstacles on the ways. You need to avoid them. Any touch will make start from the very beginning.

As for the gaming process, it remains almost the same as in the previous version of the game. The controls of the ball are arrows or letters on the keyboard. For the right-handed people, it is more convenient to use arrows. So, the main distinctive feature in Slope 2 is kinds of platforms. They have different width and they are rotating.

It becomes a bit more difficult to run the ball, when the platform is too narrow and rotates. You may see trampolines. They will help you overcome the gaps between platforms. Don’t touch red-coloured areas. They are dangerous. You will lose if you touch them.

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