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An unusual running game, where the main character is the ball. You don’t need to level up the hero from level to level in Slope Run. The only thing to do is to move the ball along the path. On the way, there will be hindrances. You need to move the ball to avoid bumping into them.

All the actions in this kind of a runner are being made with the help of the mouse. You can move the running ball by moving the mouse from left to right. Besides, you need to hold the left button on it. In comparison with similar games, this one is rather simple.

From level to level you will see the changes. They are not quite visible in the construction, but the colors of the paths will be different. You need to reach the finish line trying not to collide with obstacles. The task can become a bit difficult as the speed of moving is slowly increasing during the race.

Slope Run is a relaxing game. At the same time it requires a good reaction from the gamer to move the ball the exact moment. If you bump into the hindrance, you will have to start the race from the starting position. The number of levels is extremely big. You can spend some time running the ball to the finish line. There is no shop in the game where you could buy any boosters. You just have the ball to run.

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