Play Ball Drop 3D Unblocked online


The game is an active runner, where you should control the galling ball. You need to cope with it with the help of the mouse. The main task is to handle the bouncing ball on the platforms. You should run carefully in order not to drop. There is a chance to continue from the place where you fell.

At the same time, each lose will bring you back to the starting line. Each level is being generated randomly. You will see different colors and different placing of platforms. Though, the idea remains the same. You need to move the ball from one path to another and try not to fall.

It is important to pay attention in Ball Drop 3D at special signs given on the platforms. They are arrows. While running on them, the ball will speed up. The more arrows you catch, the more speed you will get. It is a good chance to enhance the destination. At the same time, it becomes rather hard to control the ball, as it is moving too quick.

Ball Drop 3D provides the chance to choose the ball you like in the shop. While running, you are collecting crystals. They will be necessary for exchanging them on various types of balls in the shop. There is a chance to choose a random ball. It will be changing from time to time. There is a daily system of gifts, where you can get coins for visiting the game every day.

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