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The third part of the game is devoted to adventures with the ball. You still have the same task to keep on running the ball as far as possible. The only difference in this part of saga is the change of the colors. Now it looks more futuristic. Blue and purple colors create the space atmosphere while playing the game.

Slope 3 make the gamers pay much attention to what is going on around. You need to control everything in order not to lose. Purple blocks and walls on the way are dangerous. If the ball touches them, it means that you will have to start the race from the very beginning.

Operating inside the game is simple. It is not a shooter or anything else, where you need to concentrate on many points. Here you have only two buttons to control the ball. They can be used either with on the arrows or on the letters. It doesn’t matter where, the only question is the comfort for the gamer.

Slope 3 provides the same chance to the game to experience excitement with achieving the best result. After the finish of the race, it will be placed on the table of leader boards. You can find there the best result depending on the period. You are moving the ball down the platforms. The only goal here is to run as far as possible to get a great number of points.

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