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A new approach to the traditional game. You have the chance to compete with the gamers from all over the world. The winner is those who will reach the finish line the first. There can be several competitors during the session. You will see the gaming process on the left side of the screen.

At the beginning, you may choose the region of playing. It will affect the color of the levels. In general, they correspond to those that are available in traditional forms of the game. The tasks of the games are the same, but presented in a more pleasant way.

Anytime, when the ball falls down, you start running again from the place where you lose. It is convenient as you don’t need to start from the very beginning. Even if you fall, you can still be a leader of the race. You see the competitors on the left side of the screen of Slope Multiplayer.

All the elements of moving the ball inside the game are the same. You just need to use two buttons to move the ball from side to side. The only challenge to the gamer is to jump exactly on the platform. While playing the game, you will be competing with the gamers from all over the world. At the very beginning, the program will be choosing the gamer from the world map. The choice is being done randomly.

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